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Gain freedom, confidence & purpose with hypnotherapy

“Work with your unconscious mind to create sustainable change”

Why Hypnotherapy?

Make Positive
Lifestyle Changes

Have you tried to make changes before? You might do them for a few weeks, or inconsistently, then go back to your old habits? Hypnotherapy can help to integrate these changes long-term.

Lose Weight Have a Better Relationship with Food

Hypnotherapy can be used to help combat emotional eating, stress or boredom eating, become more conscious of what and how much you eat, banish cravings, and live with more health conscious behaviours.

Personalised One-on-One

A personalised session can be tailored to your needs, and get to the root cause of what is happening for you.

Hypnotherapy services for Sydney

Online Hypnotherapy Services

Weight Loss & A New Relationship with Food

Clients have lost up to 9kg in 6 weeks. People successfully maintain new eating and lifestyle habits, change the way they relate to food, and continue to lose weight sustainably after the sessions. Remove binge eating from your life and encourage positive changes in your life with your subconscious mind.

Our weight loss program includes:

Quit Smoking (Smoking Cessation)

90% of people I have worked with quit smoking successfully with 1-2 hypnotherapy sessions. Our Quit Smoking package includes two sessions. If you live in Sydney, this will be done over a video session. Video sessions are done in the comfort of your home, and they are just as successful.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a process that puts the client into what is called a trance state, or into deep relaxation, in which the unconscious mind is more receptive to suggestions. The hypnotherapist can then make suggestions to the client to facilitate change. Our unconscious mind is the part of the mind that stores memories, learnings, thoughts, and beliefs that we are often unaware of. They can often navigate our actions and behaviours and sometimes in ways that are limiting us, or maintaining habits that no longer serves us.

Our conscious mind contains thoughts, memories and knowledge that we are aware of at any given time. By being more aware of our unconscious thoughts and beliefs, and bringing them into our consciousness, it can help us to take control over our actions and behaviours and make lasting changes. Our no fee initial conversation if a free information call which allows you to meet your hypnotherapist and learn more about our approach to hypnotherapy. Our mission is to provide the best hypnotherapy services Sydney has to offer.

How hypnotherapy can help you?

Hypnotherapy can change old unwanted behaviours and attitudes to align them with your current wants and needs. Hypnotherapy services for Sydney can boost your self esteem and stop smoking.

Habits are learned and formed during our life, and they also lead to the results we are getting in life. 

Using hypnotherapy to create healthy habits is a quick, pleasant and non-invasive method to create new healthy habits and get rid of old out of date ways that are no longer serving you.

Client Testimonials

After the first session I was choosing better and healthier options, eating healthier snacks, and it was easy.

My emotional triggers were still there but I didn’t eat any chocolate or chips, and I did some steps instead to deal with the stress.

I felt sick when I saw my partner eating junk food.

- Misha (Paralegal)

I’m eating much slower and feeling fuller quicker now, so I’ve stopped overeating and eating until I feel stuffed like I used to, and I have no urge to go through the drive though and get that unhealthy takeaway food that I don’t need.

How I see food now has changed, I can leave food there without having to eat it and I’m fine with smaller portions.

- Fiona (Sales Rep)

I’ve lost 4.8kg, and i’m finding it easier to make better choices, I’m cooking healthier food and I’m much more motivated to stick with it and to exercise consistently too.

The food and recipe ideas were helpful and yummy!

My PCOS has improved too, I don't feel as tired, and my skin has cleared up!

- Paula (Stay at home Mum)

Why Choose My Hypnotherapy Sessions?

15+ years of

Client success orientated

Get The Latest Hypnotherapy Tracks

Unlock instant access to Tanya’s, powerful, ‘Quit Smoking For Good’ Meditation. 

Discover how to get unshakable self-confidence and success by reprogramming your limiting beliefs.

Get The Latest
Hypnotherapy Tracks

Unlock access to Tanya’s powerful hypnotherapy tracks. 

Discover how to reprogram your beliefs and habits, to get the results that you desire.

Hypnotherapy FAQ

Hypnotherapy works with the unconscious mind to change beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours, to align actions with what the client actually wants or desires. 
Hypnosis is a normal, naturally occurring, healthy state of mind. It is totally drug-free.
During Hypnotherapy, the hypnotherapist will put you into a state of physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Very much like that point just before you fall asleep at night. During the session, you may experience visualisations, feel heavy or very light in your body, and remember parts of the session, and not remember other parts.
Each person responds differently, however a Quit Smoking session is normally done within 1-2 sessions, and the Weightloss program includes 5 sessions. Other conditions can have varying session numbers. To discuss with us, please book an info call.
The hypnotherapist does not have control over the client. People would not do or say anything they don’t want to do when in hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy For Sydney

Looking For A Hypnotherapist In Sydney, NSW?

If you are looking for hypnotherapy Sydney, the good health coach offers online hypnotherapy services! We specialist in providing hypnotherapy for weight loss, improved relationships with food and quitting smoking. We offer free info calls to help you get started on your hypnotherapy journey.

Our two main online hypnotherapy packages can help you lose weight and quit smoking. Owner and lead hypnotherapist, Tanya is an expert in the hypnotherapy profession, boasting 15 years of experience!

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