A personalised Hypnotherapy session. This will help to change a learnt habit or behaviour that is no longer serving your needs and goals.
What is it?
Hypnotherapy induces a relaxed trance with increased focus and state of consciousness. This deep relaxation is a pleasant feeling and allows for suggestions to be made that can facilitate powerful behavior and attitude changes and allow for the simple creation of new habits.

You are always in control and won’t do anything against your will.
What Can it Do?
Hypnotherapy can change old unwanted behaviours and attitudes to align them with your current wants and needs. Habits are learned and formed during our life, and they also give us the results we are getting in life. Using hypnotherapy to create healthy habits is a quick, pleasant and non-invasive method to create new healthy habits and get rid of old out of date ways that are no longer serving you.
What Do I Use It For?
Eating Habits and Cravings
Quit Smoking