About Me


Welcome To The Good Health Coach!

Create new habits to create a new you!

Hi, I’m Tanya. A wellness ambassador, health coach, and hypnotherapist, and a creator of healthy delicious food. 

Here to help you easily enjoy real food and live a healthier lifestyle

regardless of how busy you are!

Since 2006 I have been a nutritionist working with women inside of gyms, and executives and employees inside of companies to support and guide them in creating healthier habits and gain an understanding of how food gives us health.

I am also a master of creating healthy and delicious recipes for food businesses, running private cooking classes for individuals or small groups, and providing ready-made meals and snacks for clients.

Today, I use nutrition, coaching, and hypnotherapy to help break old habits and make new ones. And provide clients with the tools and support to make lasting changes.

You’ll also find healthy food products, cookbooks, and tools to support you in creating your healthiest lifestyle!

Create new habits to create a new you! 


Get My New Eat Clean Cookbook

Let’s Get Vibrantly Healthy

Enjoying this collection of 80 clean, healthy, and delicious recipes is easy. They all promote a plant-based diet and include plenty of fresh vegetables, nuts, and seeds, and grass-fed meat and free-range poultry and eggs, fish, and all the recipes are free from gluten, dairy, and sugar. This book is a delicious guide to a healthy kitchen.


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